Since 2004, Bristol Beer Factory has been making a significant impact on the UK craft beer scene.

Positioned as fiercely independent innovators at the forefront of Bristol's dynamic brewing landscape, BBF takes pride not only in their exceptional beer but also in their commitment to the Bristol community.

Their passion for cask forged their place on the UK brewing map. Now with their core range and ever-evolving specials in cans, you can be a part of this journey at home.


  • Running through their veins are an O.G Milk Stout, their Independence U.S Pale Ale, and the iconic Southville Hop, a punchy West Coast style IPA.
  • Always pushing forwards, they’re constantly evolving; go to the modern hop dreamlands of Laser Juice New-Wave Session IPA, and meet their best-selling and critically acclaimed Clear Head, an epic Alcohol-Free IPA.
  • Sitting shoulder to shoulder with their core beers are experimental specials. They brew cutting edge, quality beers for you, the drinkers.

Expect the same fresh, exciting, sessionable beers at home as you get in the best independent pubs and bars.

Now in recyclable and portable cans, with no single use plastic, they’re also gluten free (and vegan, with the exception of those that contain lactose – Milk Stout & Clear Head).

Ready for the park, festivals, or your sofa. These are beers you can drink with pals, and repeat.

Swap your 'Craft Beer Gift Card' for a Bristol Beer Factory e-gift card. Put it to good use by ordering mixed cases, mini tins, merchandise, tastings, or canned beer such as their specials. Their e-gift card is for online use only.

They offer free UK delivery on orders over £60.