Founded, owned, and operated by a team deeply rooted in the art of brewing, Mondo Brewery epitomizes an enduring passion for exceptional beer. This commitment to excellence extends throughout the experienced team, with ongoing investments in brewing education for every member of the Mondo family. Beyond the creation of bold and balanced beers on the main brewing kit, the team actively engages in experimentation on the pilot kit.

Mondo Brewery's dedication to the craft goes hand in hand with a sincere focus on quality. Each beer is meticulously prepared, reflecting a genuine commitment to satisfying the discerning drinker's palate. Mondo Brewery stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of brewing excellence, where the art of brewing is not merely a profession but a profound and unwavering dedication.

Core Beers

  • Dennis Hopp'r: Experience a well-defined taste profile featuring a distinct bitter undertone in their flagship beer. A subtle hint of citrus hops in aroma harmonizes with rich malt characteristics. Inspired by the traditional American West Coast IPA, it boasts a light amber colour. Dennis remains their top-selling brew, and rightfully so, due to its exceptional qualities.
  • Little Victories: Revel in the anticipated hop essence and fragrance reminiscent of a classic IPA, yet with a reduced ABV. This refreshing brew, extra pale in colour, offers effortless drinkability paired with a delightful citrus scent and subtle bitterness. Embracing the importance of celebrating small triumphs, it reminds us to acknowledge these little victories along the way.
  • Road Soda: Crafted as a session pale, drawing inspiration from the latest penchant for hazy pales and IPAs. This brew exudes a profusion of fruity aromas, where minimal bitterness lets the hop essence take the spotlight. With a full-bodied profile and a velvety smooth texture, it serves as an ideal gateway into the world of craft beer.
  • Machina: Winner of the Brewer’s Choice Awards Beer of the Year 2021, their Helles Lager is meticulously crafted using the decoction mash technique. This method accentuates the malt's character, enhances foam stability, and imbues an added layer of complexity to its flavor profile. Conceived by their adept German brewers, this is a crisp and invigorating lager.
  • Humble: A 3.4% New Session IPA. An easy drinking and light pale ale with a soft pillowy body despite the low alcohol content. Minimal bitterness really lets the floral, citrus and fragrant hops shine through for a beer that can be drunk all day.

The above beers are available all year round. Check out their website for plenty of other fantastic seasonal options. 

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