Founded in 2007, Moor Beer is one of the world’s most awarded and respected breweries, from the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Brewer of the Year, to CAMRA’s Golden Award, Rate Beer’s top rated beers, Untappd’s Community Award, and over 100 individual beer medals from CAMRA and SIBA.

Moor Beer pioneered the unfined beer movement, rewriting the rules for beer brewing in Britain, opening the gates for hazy beers, and innovating a new segment for vegan friendly beers. Blazing the trail yet again, they are recognised for creating real ale in a can. They also work with British hop researchers to help create Britain’s first new hop variety in many years.

Masters of brewing ales, Moor Beer were first known for their ability to craft beers of incredible flavour, balance and drinkability that leave an impact from the first sip to the last. They are also now regarded of one of the finest lager brewers outside of Germany, utilising horizontal lagering tanks and disciplined techniques to bring an authentic crispness and fullness of flavour.

In addition to super fresh ales and lagers, Moor Beer has been operating its barrel ageing programme for over 15 years, blending both modern, clean versions and historic, sour versions with Brettanomyces. These individual beers take years to make, and will age for many more years in your cellar, ready to make an appearance at your special occasions.

Whilst taking beer very seriously, Moor Beer are tightly integrated with the DIY music scene, hosting weekly events at their Bristol and London sites, creating new beers with local and international bands, and using a portion of the proceeds to donate to cancer charity.

Whether you like it light or dark, strong or sessionable, hoppy or malty, ale or lager, clean or sour, you’ll find a Moor Beer to delight your every mood. Got questions or need help? Get in touch with them and they will happily help you select your new favourite.

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