Sheep in Wolf's Clothing's mission is centered on dismantling unseen obstacles that hinder people from living authentically. This commitment propels them to craft exceptional, globally recognized beers. Beyond merely fostering connections, their beer serves as a platform to amplify their cause.

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing was born to shatter barriers, celebrate individuality, and advocate for inclusivity. They challenge the status quo of 'the way it's always been.'

One of their aspirations is to establish the most inclusive pub in the UK, actively recruiting individuals underrepresented in the workforce. They stand behind causes and charities dedicated to eradicating these barriers.

Join them in supporting their internationally acclaimed beer, aiding their cause in breaking barriers. #WeGiveAFlock


Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing pioneers robust beer styles with reduced alcohol content, allowing for extended enjoyment and productivity. Each of their core beers contributes to a charitable cause with every can sold. Among their flagship offerings are four distinctive brews: the non-alcoholic Munich Helles, named Lager Day Saints; the contemporary Pale Ale known as Shetland Pony Pale Ale; the bold West Coast IPA dubbed Lumber Jill; and the Rice Lager titled Blue Balls Rice Lager.

Complementing these staples are an array of small-batch creations, ranging from smoked chili and apricot stout to lower ABV imperial stout, BRUT IPA, Hazy brews, innovative interpretations of classic Belgian styles, and an ever-evolving assortment of experimental concoctions!

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They offer free UK delivery on orders over £50.