Yorkshire Heart, nestled in Nun Monkton at the heart of Yorkshire, stands as an award-winning family-run vineyard and brewery. Gillian, the chief winemaker, began the vineyard as a hobby in 2000 with 35 vines; today, the Spakouskas family tends to 25,000 vines year-round, crafting fine English wine from grape to glass in their on-site winery.

This passionate and friendly endeavor is led by Gillian and Chris, supported by their son Tim and his wife Georgina, along with a dedicated team. The vineyard, a labor of love, has flourished into a beloved establishment.

In 2011, expanding their craft, Yorkshire Heart introduced a micro-brewery under the management of Tim Spakouskas. Specializing in craft ales, pilsners, and stouts, the brewery offers a vast array of beer flavors, earning recognition and love from enthusiasts, bars, and restaurants across the region.

They offer free UK delivery on orders over £75.

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